School Visit to Gorongosa

I had a very rewarding day today. A group of students from Casa Banana, a local village, came to visit the park. This is an incredible opportunity as most of these students have never been inside this national park that they have lived next to their whole lives. The community education department in Gorongosa brings these school groups in to learn about the science and conservation that is happening here. I had the privilege of speaking with them about our work tracking lions. They were very curious about the satellite collars that we use to track lions. The more the young neighbors of Gorongosa understand about the importance of lions, the more they will want to protect them!

Explaining satellite collar technology to students from Casa Banana

Explaining satellite collar technology to students from Casa Banana


One response to “School Visit to Gorongosa”

  1. Barbara Antonetti says :

    Hi Celina,

    My fourth graders in Utah, US have taken a huge interest in the wild am Gorgonzola project. They love helping identify the animals in the pictures. Would there be any way to participate in a Skype conversation with anyone from the project at some point? My email is, and my Twitter handle is @jmugrad89


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