Trail cam reveals a new lion with cubs

25 minutes after we deployed this trail camera she passed by… a healthy lioness with 2 new cubs. We are tracking them this week not far from Chitengo Camp (Gorongosa’s main tourist camp). We feel like we might as well be tracking a tiger as she is denning her cubs in and around the lush palm forests lining the beautiful Pungue River. Finding two new cubs on a trail camera is such a wonderful feeling. It means that the lions are breeding and, we hope, the lion population is growing.


4 responses to “Trail cam reveals a new lion with cubs”

  1. Louise Power says :

    I saw her on one of the pictures I was identifying and couldn’t believe my eyes. I mean I saw the Gorongosa special on PBS here in the States, but didn’t expect to see one of the lions on this site.


  2. Ruth Hayward says :

    I am identifying animals on the trail cam and am confident 75% of the time. Is that a good enough rate to be of use?


  3. Celina Dias says :

    Absolutely! That’s actually a very good percentage. All of our photos are identified multiple times by different volunteers, so even if you get it “incorrect”, many other people will add their guesses and, in the end, most photos average 96% confidence. And some images will really be impossible, even for an expert, so please make your best guess and don’t worry about getting it wrong!


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