Guest blog from a special WildCam volunteer

Hello! I’m Esme, I’m 11 years old, and this video shows how being at Gorongosa changed my life. I had the opportunity to watch some of the expert biologists at work, and it influenced me incredibly. When I had to leave the park, I was very sad, but I loved having the idea that I could help without really being there– WildCam Gorongosa. I have completed 3,000 identifications, and I am determined to help Gorongosa’s goal. I hope you are just as determined, and remember that seeing a magnificent animal is not as rare as you may think! 

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4 responses to “Guest blog from a special WildCam volunteer”

  1. David Bygott says :

    Super video, Esme, and you’re clearly headed for an exciting life as a researcher! AND you don’t mind getting your hands dirty! See you on Wildcam Gorongosa 🙂


    • Esme Salzman says :

      Thank you, David! I am so glad that you enjoyed my video. I am learning so much more now, and I will hopefully go back to Gorongosa soon. Thank you for all of the helpful comments on the site, I have learned a lot from them (as Mesme).


  2. Aleksander Nowaczek says :

    Hey Esme! It’s Alek, from class. Great Video! I just subscribed to Wildcam, but I have no idea how to do what you did in class. Can you help?


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